Wael El-Gendy

Wael El-Gendy

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First Name * Wael
Last Name * El-Gendy
Username * waelwafeek
Country * Egypt
City Cairo
Nationality Egyptian
Languages ArabicEnglishGerman


Current Position Artist;Designer;Renderer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingArchitectureGraphic Design
Preferred Tools 3ds maxPhotoshopVrayAutocad



I'm an architect, graduated from college in 2005, and work in the design department in one of the big consulting companies in Egypt. I always had the passion to the world of 3d graphics, but i was keeping it as a hobby, because I wanted to focus on my college studies. After graduation I joined one of the Autodesk authorized training centers in Egypt to learn how to use 3d studio max. After finishing my studies there I started to use the 3d modeling techniques while designing my architecture projects, which gave me more flexibility in imagining how my designs shall look like. After so little time I was the responsible for creating any 3d models designed by the architects at my company.

But because 3d graphics don't just mean to me some architecture models; because I was passionated with the world of 3d graphics in general, I decided to go on creating any worlds I have in my mind.

I wish that one day I'll be able to have my own studios, to be able to create photo realistic scenes, and to make long movies such as the ones done by Pixar. I know I might be looking like a dreamer who's running after impossible dreams, but I believe that any great work starts as an impossible dream in the mind of it's creator. That's why I always keep on dreaming, and what's important that I work hard to achieve them. If they were achieved then it'll be great, and if not then at least I'll know I did my best.

Wish me luck :)


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